Saturday, 12 March 2011

Hall Pass, and Comedy at King's Place

Hall Pass - a totally random comedy. Funny but you really don't need a brain for it. :P

We also went to a comedy show at King's Place, a nice hang out! It's next to the Guardian building (or they're the same building actually?) and hosts art galleries and two theatres. The night we went it's a show presented by a trio called WitTank. They specialise in doing sketch comedy, and it's a lot better than our last experience at Tarbenacle (spelling?) with one-man stand-up comedies which are not funny at all. But then it's really odd that in the audience there were a number of people who laughed unncessarily loudly and WAY TOO FREQUENTLY - they laughed even when no one's cracking a joke. I don't know what was happening, and S and I later discussed and we thought they might be 'friends' who were trying to create a better atmosphere. I understand it but then they're trying wayyyy too hard, to the extent it became annoying. The trio were okay but then I really can't say I enjoyed it thoroughly - some of the jokes were a bit silly, and some of the acts were ones that I wouldn't even choose to watch on telly. Am I being too mean here? Perhaps I just don't get it. :P

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