Saturday, 5 February 2011

Rabbit Hole

When I first saw the poster of this film, I thought it's a thriller. Then I read a short synopsis, and thought it's about a mentally ill person...all wrong guesses. It's just a film about a couple trying to overcome the loss of their beloved son and all the time on the verge of making the wrong decision.

It's a touching film, and Kidman's indeed quite good in it (she's nominated for the Academy Award and Golden Globe) - at least I don't see her trying to maintain that 'elegant lady' image. Her face moves naturally, showing her wrinkles and lines, and yet she's still beautiful. The film also got me thinking. How long do you think a person needs to overcome bereavement and 'move on'? I can't imagine losing a loved one and still continue with my life at work or's just impossible even to imagine, and then not everyone can afford to not work like Becca, Kidman's character. Perhaps, like Becca's mother says, the loss never goes away, it just hangs in your pocket like a brick, you carry it around and sometimes you don't realise it's there, but once in a while you reach in and suddenly you're reminded of its presence...and after some time, it doesn't matter anymore. It's just there.

I think the byline on the poster is very well put: 'The only way out is through'. There are things that cannot be explained (Becca is very sceptical when people mention God when they try to figure out 'why'), and no matter how you try to escape it and tell yourself it's fine, like Becca does in the film, you just have to face the sorrow, deal with it, and move on. It's interesting how Becca finds the solution through the killer of her son, but come to think of it it's actually quite appropriate.

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