Thursday, 24 February 2011

I Am Number Four

This is totally not the kind of film I'm normally interested in, but to see it at IMAX is a different matter! I had yet to see a film in an IMAX cinema before (not even in Hong Kong, as I wasn't really interested in queuing up for Avator), so it was a new experience, and a nice one! We went to BFI IMAX at Waterloo - it's very new, the auditorium's huge and they claim that the screen's the biggest in Britain! Wow!

Back to the film: it's quite frightening for me, though I didn't see anyone else being frightened in the audience @_@... well, like I said, I normally don't choose this kind of film, with scary-looking aliens like my palms were wet throughout and I just had to cover my ears from time to time! (Stupid, I know!) But other than that there are meaningful bits in the film, like how the 'John' character longs for relationships with people because he keeps on moving since he was a child to run away from the creatures looking for him; the value of home can only be appreciated and understood by people who have no home and no one they know where they are. The best place in the world, like 'John' says, is where there are people you know and care about. Isn't it the truest thing in the world?

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