Sunday, 20 February 2011

British comedy: knock2bag

Went to this 'community place' near Portobello Market called The Tabernacle to see a comedy show tonight. We arrived a lot earlier after dinner on Portobello Road (great Thai food!), as it says on the tickets that the show starts at 7:30 (we arrived before 7pm), only to find that the performance wouldn't start until 8pm, and we couldn't go in before 7:30 and had to stand outside and wait awkwardly. @_@ Not a good arrangement I would say!

We got good seats, but some women with a heavy accent pushed their way in and had to squeeze into the bench we were seated, so it was very crowded and not comfy. That's not the worst - the worst is that the woman sitting beside me had this terrible cigarette stink in her breath, and she kept burping throughout the performance - ugh, the smell! I simply couldn't concentrate, and couldn't move away from her either since it's really crowded. :(

The show itself was also disappointing. There were 3 acts altogether, and there's this guy who's the MC of the night who kept cracking silly jokes (just like having his own act chopped up in parts) in between. To be honest, I don't think any of the acts was really funny. I don't know if it's me or what, but both S and I didn't enjoy it. The jokes were silly, many of them were of course about sex but that's not the point - it's just that there's nothing funny at all! Some of those jokes I wouldn't even tell when I was a school kid! I was quite surprised to see that lots of people appeared to be enjoying themselves immensely - they were laughing out loud THROUGHOUT, NONSTOP - and S said that we find this weird because there may be this cultural difference. In our culture, when people laugh at silly jokes or things that are not really that funny, we pull a face, frown, or roll our eyes, or, to put it simply, give a 'dik hon' look --> -_____-" but here they may not have this at all, which is why people just laugh silly! (Or perhaps it's simply because they are silly after all.)

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