Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Bangkok Traffic Love Story

Ant sent me the link and I watched this film. It seems that this kind of film is getting more and more popular, the kind that deals with the issue of 敗犬 in contemporary society. Sometimes I actually wonder if it's really an issue - I don't see this phenomenon around me! Anyway...the film is just standard chick flick and it's okay... but not worth watching in the cinema.

We've just been back from Rome. The trip's okay, at first I thought we wouldn't have enough time for all the important sites (and of course it turned out we couldn't do everything we wanted to) but I actually 3 days is good for that! We walked a lot on the 2nd day and our legs and feet suffered a lot... @_@ time to admit that we're getting old and we can't travel like we used to! :P

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