Thursday, 17 February 2011

Back from Munich!

Took a short trip to Munich at the weekend, 4 days in total. It's a much better trip compared to the one we took to Rome a month ago. Almost everything's better - the way to the airport, the flight, the hotel, the people, the sights...surprising, huh? Rome's supposed to have some world-famous sightseeing spots, but I wasn't in the least impressed. Couldn't help comparing those with other cities and sightseeing spots I've been to (e.g. Beijing's historical places, even Angkor Wat...), and Rome's really a bit overhyped. Munich doesn't have any world-famous sights. Apart from the Octoberfest, it's not famous for anything at all, but the city in my opinion is a livable and beautiful one. You just discover bits and pieces when walking around town, little things that are beautiful, artistic, interesting... and that's what's good about travelling, isn't it? We had a really relaxing trip; no itinerary to 'cover', we just had some guidebooks and planned the night before each day. And it's all good!

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