Thursday, 20 January 2011

Green Tea (綠茶)

I was drawn to this film because of the screenwriter, who also wrote the short story with the same title (but curiously in the film it says it's based on another story written by her). I read bits of the story, then watched the film, and because I couldn't understand some of the dialogue (there are no subtitles and my Putonghua's not good enough...), I went back to the story again. I didn't read till the end though, but I watched the whole film, and what should I say, it's very mesmerising...and puzzling. I couldn't understand what's going on at all, so I had to go back to the story, and surprisingly the ending's actually different. I had no way out but to google it - some critics did criticise the film's ending as well, as it hasn't explained things clearly, but after reading a few reviews now I kind of understand it - so it's about this schizophrenic person. Hmmmm. Maybe I shouldn't have said it. :) Spoiler!

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