Tuesday, 11 January 2011


I was doing the mindless work of scanning when I found that most of the books on my shelf are 'started but unfinished'. It seems that I haven't read properly for some time now, for leisure, and I haven't been able to finish a book for quite a period of time. Here are some of the titles I started and haven't finished:

This is, in fact, a very interesting book and an enjoyable read. I think I started reading it in October...it was by my bed, but somehow I just couldn't finish. I found myself agreeing to what the author says, that people in this country are being increasingly rude - totally, that's how I feel most of the time! I think I'll find time to finish it some day...

Started this around the same time, and only read a bit - perhaps a couple of chapters. It's about a failing marriage, and though Nick Hornby's good, it wasn't interesting enough to have me hooked.

I'm starting to feel that it's really my problem, as most of these books are quite good. Air Babylon - popular stuff, and quite interesting actually, and I started reading this when I was still at home. Don't know why I can't finish...

The author caught my eye when I was doing research on the proposal a year ago. This book doesn't fit, but when I saw it here I immediately bought it. Read a few chapters, typical contemporary Chinese novel style, not particularly interesting though...

This author didn't interest me but I found myself getting this book last time I was on amazon. It's just incredibly easy to get stuff there - everything's just a click away! Read a few chapters, a bit cliched, about two friends who have bipolar personalities. Doesn't seem interesting, and doesn't seem to be worth the time to finish. :(

And then there are a number of titles that I bought these few months and haven't even started reading...

One Day by David Nicholls - bestseller stuff, but I heard it's really good. Looking forward to it, but I need to find time.

The Piano Teacher by Janice Lee - set in Hong Kong, which is the reason I bought it. Ha.

Hotel Babylon - Air Babylon was okay and I thought this might be more interesting. Still haven't got the time for it though.

Semi-detached by Griff Rhys Jones - autobiographic writing, supposedly humorous

The life of hunger by Amelie Nothomb - about a girl's battle against anorexia I think?

Autofiction by Hitomi Kanehara - hopefully I can start reading it this month.

Le Grand Meaulnes by Alain-Fournier - the kind of stuff I like (e.g. Great Gatsby, Brideshead revisited), but prolly need more time

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