Friday, 10 December 2010

You are what you read...?

There are loads of publications you can read here if you have the time, and many are free, but being the magazine slut I am, I still find myself buying those glossy mags all the time...sometimes I can't even finish reading them! (Sometimes I can't even finish the day's I actually quite like the concept of the i paper - for the time-poor!) This month I've got these two so far, and when I brought them home I was struck by the contrast:


The contrast is just too...startling. One shouts 'cheap!' and the other, I think, shows more 'class'. But to be honest, the way I read them is quite similar! I actually don't like those beauty / fashion spreads that much... nor do I like those 'self-help' stuff or articles about relationships...they're mostly quite cheesy. Last month I got Cosmopolitan and I couldn't help asking when in the middle of it, 'Why...why do I think nothing in this magazine concerns me?' Supposedly, I fall into Cosmo's readership...supposedly - well, I don't really know, I just assume I belong to their target age-group. But everything in Cosmo is so juvenile! The HK edition of Cosmoplitan (not to be confused with Cosmo in HK which is a magazine for teens), on the other hand, is quite different - I used to have a copy every month, and the stuff inside is a lot more 'mature' than the Cosmo here.

There are actually a number of free publications here which are quite nice. ES magazine, in my opinion, is even better than Glamour or Cosmopolitan in terms of content, and it doesn't consume as much time; there's another one which is for men which I can't remember the name of, and I like it though it's for men! There's a lot of artsy stuff in it, and it was only when I was in the middle of one copy and having glanced through many ads for men that I realised it's a magazine for men...honestly, it's quite good for a free magazine, and in my opinion, much better than some of the ones you have to pay for. But it also got me questioning...why do men's magazines (this type, not the porno type) have so much interesting content while in women's magazines it's always just fashion, beauty, sex and relationships? To be honest, I'm not really that interested in those topics...and I find this quite sexist!

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