Sunday, 12 December 2010

Good morning (to) the world

We managed to make it on time to Good Morning to the World at BAFTA today, despite the horrible pre-Christmas weekend traffic (we eventually got off on Oxford Street and walked all the way to Piccadilly). Good Morning is an indie film by a 23-year-old Japanese film student, and we were told before the film began that it's already won a number of awards worldwide, and the director's already been approached by different film companies though he has yet to graduate. All these set our hopes high; and as great expectations always do, the film left us quite disappointed.

The synopsis of the film and more info can be found here; what I want to comment on is not the rather low technical quality of the film (which can be excused since the film is actually a school project of the director's), but the rather boring way it is filmed. Many, or should I say, most of the scenes are unnecessarily long, and quite a number of scenes or shots are rather unnecessary in my opinion. We don't need to see the boy walk around for no reason for a few minutes, and trust me, I think many in the audience shared this feeling.

And one more thing: why do Japanese films / books always depict characters who commit suicide? I know the suicide rate is quite high in Japan, but the fact that it's depicted in almost every single film / book makes it easy for Japanese people to be stereotyped.

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