Thursday, 30 December 2010

Food and the cooking of it

I seriously think I'm using this as an excuse every day. I mean, every time I get tired of staring at the screen for some serious work (not surfing the net / watching stuff), I think about what time it is and whether it's time for a meal. I mean, how much more not dedicated can you be? This reminds me of my friend T who told me she skips lunch sometimes when she's working, simply because she's too absorbed in it...oh well. There you go. Some people are just good workers and some aren't.

It's sometimes a bit of a headache (I'm putting it mild here) when it comes to eating. Cook, or go out? We almost never order takeaway. For one thing, the food's probably not fresh when it arrives, and I like my food freshly made and presented in front of me right after it's cooked. And takeaway food is not always cheaper, though it saves you the trouble of getting ready to go out, going out, deciding on a place (after looking around for a good while), deciding on what to eat, waiting to order, ordering, waiting for food to come, waiting for dessert menu, waiting for the bill, and going home. This sounds pretty normal, but here this probably takes at least double the time it takes in HK. People are simply not very efficient, ahem, well, they're pretty laid-back and they like to take it slow. So having a quick lunch can take you 2 hours...yeah, I mean a quick lunch with no appetiser and dessert!

Though I don't like where I'm living now, I am quite happy with its location. It's not superb, but there are lots of restaurants around (by lots I mean 30+ if you really count!), and it's convenient for grocery shopping (and oriental food shopping / restaurants too). That makes it easy to just eat out, but sometimes I do cook. I'm by no means a good cook, really, but I'm interested enough and I like experimenting with things within my ability. Given the very little equipment I have in my small room (and the fact that we're actually not allowed to cook in the room), I have to say I've made every effort to make a variety of things! Of course, an oven would be great...

Well, we've started looking for a flat again, and let's hope I get a real nice kitchen with everything I need!

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