Monday, 6 December 2010

A flea in her ear - a farce

I almost forgot to write about this matinee performance we went to at the Old Vic on Saturday. It's the first of the 'preview' performances, so we were really 'lucky' - there were hiccups, naturally, before and during the performance, but really, it's quite an enjoyable experience overall. I don't like the seating of the Old Vic though - it's quite hard to avoid having your view blocked by the people in front of you, which is quite common in cinemas here, but it's the first time I experienced this in a theatre, and it's quite upsetting! Being an Asian who is petite by even Asian standards, I usually get blocked in such seats...last time we almost had that problem at the Odeon Panton Street, and eventually I had to move to the front row. @_@ It's lucky there's only one row in front of me this time, but this kind of seating is still very problematic, and I don't understand why they don't look into it! (Last time at Odeon Panton Street I overheard a lady telling her friend how half of the subtitles were blocked by the person in front of's a Japanese film, so subtitles were essential! Poor woman!)

Anyway, it's a hilarious performance... though at some point I couldn't catch everything the characters said. Perhaps it's a language issue? And I just looked it up...the English version of this play was translated by John Mortimer in 1966, to be performed in exactly the same venue, and the current production uses exactly the same translation! Interesting...I wonder if that's why I couldn't catch everything. (Or it could simply be my bad listening skills, haha!)

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