Monday, 27 December 2010

Boxing Day :P

Today's a lot more exciting than yesterday. :) Well, nothing REALLY exciting really, we just went to see Gulliver's Travels, went shopping and went to the ENO The Nutcracker performance in the evening. Very tired at the time of writing but happy. :)

Gulliver's Travels is a great film for Boxing Day - a comedy, a bit silly, and suitable for all ages. Jack Black is the usual Jack Black, I don't particularly like / dislike him, he's okay. The storyline is quite silly, really, and of course it's not the original Gulliver's Travels, but as I said, you don't really expect epic stuff in a Boxing Day film! Well, it's actually not that, as I think it's in cinemas in the States a lot earlier...the UK is a bit slow. Ha.

After the film and lunch we We didn't want to, as we're quite scared of crowds, but S was curious about how cheap stuff really is, so we went to Oxford Street... it's just REALLY crowded, and I had no mood to do any shopping seeing all the people and the queues at the I bought nothing! @_@ S got 2 pairs of shoes, which is nice, as he doesn't have many pairs (compared to me). We then walked all the way to the West End, as the traffic was terrible (as usual) because of yet another tube strike.

The Nutcracker is something both familiar and distant. I think I saw this ballet performance for a number of years, always at Christmas, but it's been quite some time since I last saw one. I love the music in it as I used to listen to it at home all the time (Dad loves playing those CDs when we're having dinner / after dinner...), and I remember most of the pieces. This performance, however, was not a great experience. Perhaps it's to do with our seats - we were at the balcony, quite far away from the stage, and in front of me was a very big guy. S said it's not the point anyway, as the seats aren't designed properly and anyone except a young child will block you. Then there are the people. As I said, I went to this performance mainly for the music, but there were a lot of people in the audience coughing throughout the whole performance, which is quite annoying. I mean, if you're so sick, you really shouldn't go out, let alone go to the theatre. It's just really selfish, as you are not only ruining your own experience but other people's as well! And then there are the's our second time in the London Coliseum, and I regret to report that the seats are really bad. They're really small seats, first of all, and if I find the seat small, I think a lot of caucasians would find it difficult to stay in it for 2-3 hours. The seats are also designed in a way where you can only sit upright with your back very straight, and that makes it a very unpleasant and unenjoyable experience. There's also very little leg room - again, for a small person like me, if this is the case, then I don't know how caucasians cope with that...

Anyway...that's the price you have to pay for tradition, as S says! The building's probably very old (like most theatres here) and they don't like to tear down old stuff and build something anew unless it's absolutely necessary. Oh well!

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