Thursday, 25 November 2010

Lots and lots...the film Unstoppable, Brighton, .45 (theatre)

Have been kind of busy lately, I haven't written for sooo long (simply didn't have the time to...well) and here's a rundown of what's been happening these days!

If you know me well you would definitely know this is absolutely not my kind of film! Action films...ehhhhh too macho for me, really, but it's a nice change... :) Basically there's no exciting plot (as expected), but it's a good film to see in the cinema! Don't bother if you're thinking of renting it...  :)

We've been 'travelling' quite a bit lately - not exactly travelling, just having a change of scene and escaping from London! Trust me, once in a while it's really good to escape from the suffocation of rude / indifferent / inefficient services and people here.

We went to Brighton one Thursday and the weather was terrible. I last visited Brighton one summer with Janet, and it was so much more cheerful back then! A big contrast really, and there was significantly less to see, but S had never been and it's just 2 hours away!

And then last weekend we went to Manchester, Leeds and York. Packed I know! It's initially a trip to Leeds to meet up with an old friend with another friend who's also in London, but it turned out to be a visit to Manchester as well. My cousin's family's in Manchester, and when he knew I was visiting (I thought we would have dim sum lunch or something) he offered to get us tickets to the football match that day between MUtd and Wigan. I had never seen a footie game so I thought, why not! Then it turned out he got us VIP tickets, including buffet lunch in the VIP lounge, and he also arranged for car pickup before and after the game. It's totally VIP treatment that day, though I'm not as impressed by the supposedly super-expensive Bentley we got a ride in (the car's about the price of a Yuen Long flat in HK, we were told), but it's a nice weekend. We went back to Leeds Saturday night, stayed in the 'oldest' hotel I've ever been (think no hot shower, and super thin walls and door), and did a bit of sightseeing the next day. We also went to York on the same day! Didn't see a lot (and there's nothing much to see anyway) but it's nice catching up with old friends, I mean really old friends!

And tonight, we went to Hampstead Theatre for this theatre production that's unexpectedly enjoyable.

Had never been there before, or the neighbourhood, but it seems to be a nice area, and a fresh breath from the West End. There seems to be a booming art scene going on there, I saw a couple of theatres/cafes/bookshops opposite the theatre looking quite nice.

Snapped this before the performance started. The play's about how a girl tries to escape from her man who is prone to violence, and how, unexpectedly, she succeeds in taking revenge on him in the end. It's casually staged, and I was in the front row being really close to the actors (sometimes they were just walking and talking right in front of me), and it's a really great experience. It's not for the faint-hearted, as it says on the website, but it's a really superb performance! Prolly the best so far in London I've seen!

Added on 1 Dec 2010: Funny I totally forgot to mention the play's title - it's .45!

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