Monday, 15 November 2010

A Guide to Sexual Misery / Bliss, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

A spoon of sugar, and a spoon of chillies!

Can't believe we actually went to see this... @_@ we didn't make it on Halloween day, and yesterday was the last show, so we went anyway. I didn't expect much really, thought we would just relax a bit and have a jokes-packed night. Turned out it's okay funny, but only, kind of what we expected. :) Some people in the audience were particularly 'active' and kept answering / asking questions, but we being the 'typical Asians' just sat there...I LOLed a lot but S was kind of like...hidden behind his backpack. :P Guess he wasn't particularly impressed, he just went because I got the tix!

And today, we went to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - I didn't even know it was out when I was in HK, and they're running the first two films in the trilogy coz the third one's in cinemas soon. I didn't expect much, and it turned out to be a very gripping three hours - didn't expect it to be so long either! It's basically about a journalist and a young woman's attempt to solve the mystery about the disappearance of a girl 40 years ago. The film is peppered with scenes of sexual violence - that's the core of the plot, how different women are repeatedly abused sexually - and it made me sick. We all know how sickening and perverted sex maniacs and rapists are, but to see so many instances and examples on screen - it really makes one angry and frightened. There are so many pervs out there - you can't trust anyone, really, as even people closest to you can do that to you.

Didn't manage to see the sequel, but will definitely find time to see it...and the new one coming out!

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