Monday, 29 November 2010

Food, food, food

I just realised when I was in the shower (I always 'brainstorm' when taking a bath...) that I haven't written about the food situation here - weird, considering how I love my food! I can't have a bad meal or I'd be really unhappy...and I won't be able to forget it for the rest of the day. What we're doing now is (a) eat out, and (b) cook. More about the former later, but really, cooking was a mission impossible here, as we don't have a kitchen and aren't supposed to cook here. Of course, being the defiant me, I bought an electronic hob, a pot, a pan, lots of utensils (of course can't compare with my Hong Kong collection...*sobs*), and the latest addition is a 4-in-1 cooker. The only thing we really need but don't have is a fridge, and right now because of the freezing temperature outside we're just putting our food at the windowsill, which is actually okay if it's just for one day!

On average I cook about 5 times a week, meaning there are still another 9 meals...well, we just eat out, for I really can't bear the food downstairs. There are a couple of chain restaurants that we quite frequently visit, like Ask, Strada, Prezzo and Pizza Express, and mostly the food is okay. Apart from these we usually have Asian food - by Asian I mean Thai and Chinese mostly. After coming here I've been craving Chinese food like never before - predictable, but it still surprised me! I never thought I would really want dim sum, but we've actually had quite a number of dim sum meals already. The food's of course not superb, but at least it's available.

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