Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Oh...happy day!

Somehow can't get this song we sang in church off my mind... 'Ohh...happy day...happy day...' lalala but this post is about something else altogether!

Happy day for me. Finally had some decent barbequed pork today!!! Went to this little eatery on Oxford Street, thought I could get some dan dan noodles (craving...) but alas, they don't do the non-spicy version, so I settled with char siu fan instead. It's sooooo much better than Wong Kei's! Almost cried... it's the HONG KONG flavour!!!

Recently I've been asking myself... why am I here with the horrid Asian food at such prices... of course it's all silly thoughts but I didn't know I would crave Asian food s-o m-u-c-h. Not kidding. I really need to find a place for good dan dan noodles or I'm gonna have to make some myself!

Oh, this is the roast duck rice S had, not bad according to him!

And there's bok choy!!!!!!! Asian veggies are soooo expensive here... :'(

And of course a happy day's not complete without some new discovery.

Accidentally stumbled across these shelves, and god, these titles... they are just exactly what my two year's MPhil's about! And they're just perfectly happy sitting there... oh happy days. And even for a bat like me, the sunshine in an old library is just lovely. Lovely.

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