Sunday, 31 October 2010

Going out...not going out... the film Due Date

Have been sick lately, at first I thought it's just some really greasy Hong Kong cha chaan teng food I had in West End, but it turned out I had caught the flu and the virus went down to my tummy, hence the stomachache and... and headache and painful limbs and all that! It's been a hell of three days and I felt so lonely, though S was by my side most of the times like this I miss my family so much again!

Anyway...I got slightly better yesterday and couldn't wait to go out, though S didn't really like the idea of it. We went out anyway, had dinner in West End and caught a late night film at Empire. I've never been a late night person but it's the only screening available of the new Hollywood film Due Date, which is not officially released yet, so it's a preview screening and it's too good to miss! We had late dinner, then walked around and killed time in the game booths at Leicester Square. Of course I didn't play any of those games - throwing basketballs and throwing balls at cans - as I've never been good in them, but god, you have to see for yourself who are winning all those games! 9 out of 10 of the winners are - ASIANS, and I mean Chinese and Japanese! S said it's quite normal - these people have too much practice. ;) I was really excited for the winners too, as they got really huge fluffy toys! They're of course quite useless, but it surely feels great when you have one of those after winning!

Due Date was good - standard Hollywood film, and Zach Galifianakis is so cute - he's a bit like Jack Black but so much more adorable! Of course I saw The Hangover and thought it's hilarious, and this one is not just that...there's something more than just fun in there. Oh one funny thing - I was probably too influenced by the Sherlock Holmes film, when I heard Robert Downey Jr.'s American accent I thought, 'Oh he's quite good at it!' It's only after the film that I remembered... :P

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