Monday, 25 October 2010

Autumn...missed / stolen

It suddenly occurred to me that this year my autumn's stolen - it was still very hot and humid when I left Hong Kong, and all of a sudden all we have is this cold and wet weather. The weather here, to me, is abnormal; it rains all the time, and when it does it makes it colder, but when the sun shines it's very, very shiny, to the extent that you can't see properly what's in front of you. But it's still very cold most of the time when you're out.

These few days it's been freezingly cold, and my wardrobe still hasn't arrived. I'm reluctant to buy coats here now, as the mid-season sale's just beginning and I don't see the point of settling with a coat that's cheaper but poorer in quality. I'm also looking for a proper hat that can be paired with the slightly more formal clothes. All I have now is a grey one that looks kind of cute but also kind of silly when worn with a coat. :P And for scarves, I only have one that can endure the frozen air out there, and that's the cashmere scarf I got on my birthday. I miss my wardrobe, and I need to go shopping! Guess I'll wait a bit longer for the sale to mature!

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