Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Sweet tooth!

After making cheesecake for several times, I've decided that cake-making is a bit too troublesome for me. First of all I (still) don't have an oven at home (and am not likely to have an oven in the near future...*sobs*), which means every time I make a cake it would be the fridge type. I have nothing against the fridge type but sometimes you do want some good old baked stuff, right?

Anyway, I'm just lazy. So I've been having other desserts at home lately, stuff that can be bought easily like ice mochi, ice-cream bars, and stuff that can be made easily, like jelly. I grew up with Robertson's jelly, and my favourite is mango flavour, but hey, I just found that their jelly powder is now made in China! -_____-" So I switched to konnyaku jelly, which is supposedly healthy as well. (Who are you trying to fool with all the sugar intake?)

Some of my 'desserts' today:

Found these cute star-shaped nata de coco at the supermarket today. They're so cute! Got 2 cans immediately.

The konnyaku jelly powder I've been using.

They're really star-shaped!

I've been looking for this for some time now, and for some reason Taste doesn't stock it! Had to go to Wellcome to get this...

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