Saturday, 17 July 2010

Sorry for the hiatus...let the fun begin! The Mentalist, Modern Family, Cougar Town

Now that I finally have some free time, I'm watching TV drama like crazy. Some of the stuff I've been watching:

This is good. I watched seasons 1-2 in one go and I couldn't stop! I didn't know before that I like this kind of police procedural drama... this is not as 'scary' as Medium (which I also love watching but haven't been following as closely, just watching on telly every Thursday) but I really dread the episodes with the appearance of Red John...

This is light-hearted stuff and god, is it good! Kinda stereotyping people at times but hey, this world is full of stereotypes, and it does reflect the modern family in some ways. Good in general.

Now this is really kind of stupid. I have no idea why I watched it as it's as cheesy and as stupid as soaps can be, but hey, I laughed out it's not that bad after all. :)

Any recommendations on what to watch next?

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