Sunday, 18 July 2010

A pretty boring day

Got up after noon today, feeling really free. :) Didn’t do anything really the whole day, just went to the club house for some passport pics - will come in handy later. Came back and took a nap on the sofa (remember when I got up? Nevermind.), got up around 7 feeling terrible, like I caught a cold or something. It’s happened before - sleeping on our sofa is no good I’m telling you. You squeeze yourself in the two-seater and curl like a kitten, then you think every muscle in you aches.

Too lazy to go out for dinner, or make dinner, for that matter. Tried to order sushi dinner but they said it will take 1 hour 45 minutes to arrive. @_@ Weekends are brutal!!! Everywhere’s flooded with people and even delivery takes forever. Eventually settled for our good old CPK, paired with Leatherheads. Thought it’s terribly boring at the beginning but it slowly got better. Not too bad a film to be watched with pizza and pasta. :) BTW, sometimes I feel really frustrated watching some American stuff - couldn't understand a thing without reading the subtitles! Leatherheads is one of them...and Mad Men...basically you can't watch this kind of stuff when ironing clothes / doing your nails.

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