Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Love in a puff

I think I came across this film earlier than most people. I was looking for materials for my F1 class about films, and they had to learn to identify film genres. I wanted to give them something real, and I used the upcoming films' posters. This film, back then, was categorised by me as 'romantic comedy'.

Well, it's not. You can say it's about love, and it has a happy ending, but it doesn't feel right to categorise it as such, really.

I only came to see it yesterday. I've been staying home these days (oh the bliss...and the boredom...okay I really shouldn't...), and after dinner last night I was thinking of watching it alone. S asked what it is, and I said 'Love in a puff! Love in a in a puff...' for some reason I just like the English name a lot more! :) He asked what it is about, I said 'Uhhh some Cantonese film about people raving reviews online...some people claim that they watched it more than once...' and he said he wanted to see it too.

So we saw it together. At different points I wanted to LOL especially when some characters said '抵死' (or... '仆街' things, CENSORED CENSORED *smile*) stuff. After the film I kind of understood why some people like it so much. It's another Hong Kong film where people find things they can identify with. A lot of times when it comes to Hong Kong films (well, some) it's about this sense of resonance, and I guess those who live in /work in /live like they are from MK would totally identify. And lots of  '港男港女' too.

S, after watching the film: 'I don't see how good it is...why do people like it?'

Me: 'Well a lot of times it's about 共鳴感...don't you find the stuff funny and all? And those people are pretty real!'

S: 'Well I'm not one of those MK people...'

Oh I then? :P

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