Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Echoes of the Rainbow

I'm usually terribly outdated when it comes to 'fashionable' things.

Didn't get a chance to see this film when it was out in cinemas and was talk of the town. Ant asked me to see it with her but back then I thought it's probably another cheesy tearjerker.

Well, perhaps I wasn't entirely wrong in it being a tearjerker, but it's a far cry from being cheesy. There are way too many good and in-depth reviews out there about the film, so let's just say, it's a very touching film, and it's the small details that count.

Had to attend a funeral after watching this at home and crying my heart out. I'm usually terribly bad at funerals - would easily cry because I think and project things too much - but tonight I performed quite well. Didn't cry my eyes all red, probably because I already shed too many tears on the film.

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