Sunday, 18 July 2010

Au Revoir Taipei

I'm not sure if this is the film's official title in English / French, but I think this suits the film more than its alternative, One Page Taipei (direct translation from 一頁台北). The film's not a very popular one in Hong Kong, like most Taiwanese films, and it does have a very disctinctive Taiwanese flavour. Some (Taiwanese) reviewers have commented that the Taiwan in the film is overly romanticised; perhaps so, but people are always more critical of art produced of their own country. It's just like how I'm always critical of the menu and food when I come across a Chinese restaurant overseas, especially Cantonese ones. :)

The beginning of the film does give you a feeling that it's trying to romanticise things. However, as the story progresses, there is actually suspense and I'm actually worried for some of the characters there. This does not render the film not a romantic comedy, but it's not what the genre usually suggests.

Though the poster at the beginning of the post is a more romantic one, perhaps this one suits the mood of the film better:

Worth seeing.

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