Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Some Hollywood stuff

As I stay home more these days, I've been blogging a lot more (as you can see if you've been reading) and watching more DVDs. :) Taking a break from serials as there really isn't anything that seems interesting.

Watched this alone this afternoon. The plot's kind of predictable but the ending is a lil bit surprising. Overall it's an okay film, and it does reflect some reality - how some brides-to-be go completely crazy before their wedding! Guess this is a global phenomenon! @_@ I've never really understood this as I couldn't be bothered when it was my turn, and it was people around me who were driving me crazy, but I guess lots of girls really have their 'dream wedding'!

I got this DVD a long time ago and didn't get a chance to see it. Watched it finally tonight with S. It's okay-ish but kind of cheesy anyway. S's verdict: 'This is really a plane film - one that you would only watch on a plane.'

Sweet tooth!

After making cheesecake for several times, I've decided that cake-making is a bit too troublesome for me. First of all I (still) don't have an oven at home (and am not likely to have an oven in the near future...*sobs*), which means every time I make a cake it would be the fridge type. I have nothing against the fridge type but sometimes you do want some good old baked stuff, right?

Anyway, I'm just lazy. So I've been having other desserts at home lately, stuff that can be bought easily like ice mochi, ice-cream bars, and stuff that can be made easily, like jelly. I grew up with Robertson's jelly, and my favourite is mango flavour, but hey, I just found that their jelly powder is now made in China! -_____-" So I switched to konnyaku jelly, which is supposedly healthy as well. (Who are you trying to fool with all the sugar intake?)

Some of my 'desserts' today:

Found these cute star-shaped nata de coco at the supermarket today. They're so cute! Got 2 cans immediately.

The konnyaku jelly powder I've been using.

They're really star-shaped!

I've been looking for this for some time now, and for some reason Taste doesn't stock it! Had to go to Wellcome to get this...

Love in a puff

I think I came across this film earlier than most people. I was looking for materials for my F1 class about films, and they had to learn to identify film genres. I wanted to give them something real, and I used the upcoming films' posters. This film, back then, was categorised by me as 'romantic comedy'.

Well, it's not. You can say it's about love, and it has a happy ending, but it doesn't feel right to categorise it as such, really.

I only came to see it yesterday. I've been staying home these days (oh the bliss...and the boredom...okay I really shouldn't...), and after dinner last night I was thinking of watching it alone. S asked what it is, and I said 'Love in a puff! Love in a in a puff...' for some reason I just like the English name a lot more! :) He asked what it is about, I said 'Uhhh some Cantonese film about people raving reviews online...some people claim that they watched it more than once...' and he said he wanted to see it too.

So we saw it together. At different points I wanted to LOL especially when some characters said '抵死' (or... '仆街' things, CENSORED CENSORED *smile*) stuff. After the film I kind of understood why some people like it so much. It's another Hong Kong film where people find things they can identify with. A lot of times when it comes to Hong Kong films (well, some) it's about this sense of resonance, and I guess those who live in /work in /live like they are from MK would totally identify. And lots of  '港男港女' too.

S, after watching the film: 'I don't see how good it is...why do people like it?'

Me: 'Well a lot of times it's about 共鳴感...don't you find the stuff funny and all? And those people are pretty real!'

S: 'Well I'm not one of those MK people...'

Oh I then? :P

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Echoes of the Rainbow

I'm usually terribly outdated when it comes to 'fashionable' things.

Didn't get a chance to see this film when it was out in cinemas and was talk of the town. Ant asked me to see it with her but back then I thought it's probably another cheesy tearjerker.

Well, perhaps I wasn't entirely wrong in it being a tearjerker, but it's a far cry from being cheesy. There are way too many good and in-depth reviews out there about the film, so let's just say, it's a very touching film, and it's the small details that count.

Had to attend a funeral after watching this at home and crying my heart out. I'm usually terribly bad at funerals - would easily cry because I think and project things too much - but tonight I performed quite well. Didn't cry my eyes all red, probably because I already shed too many tears on the film.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Au Revoir Taipei

I'm not sure if this is the film's official title in English / French, but I think this suits the film more than its alternative, One Page Taipei (direct translation from 一頁台北). The film's not a very popular one in Hong Kong, like most Taiwanese films, and it does have a very disctinctive Taiwanese flavour. Some (Taiwanese) reviewers have commented that the Taiwan in the film is overly romanticised; perhaps so, but people are always more critical of art produced of their own country. It's just like how I'm always critical of the menu and food when I come across a Chinese restaurant overseas, especially Cantonese ones. :)

The beginning of the film does give you a feeling that it's trying to romanticise things. However, as the story progresses, there is actually suspense and I'm actually worried for some of the characters there. This does not render the film not a romantic comedy, but it's not what the genre usually suggests.

Though the poster at the beginning of the post is a more romantic one, perhaps this one suits the mood of the film better:

Worth seeing.

A pretty boring day

Got up after noon today, feeling really free. :) Didn’t do anything really the whole day, just went to the club house for some passport pics - will come in handy later. Came back and took a nap on the sofa (remember when I got up? Nevermind.), got up around 7 feeling terrible, like I caught a cold or something. It’s happened before - sleeping on our sofa is no good I’m telling you. You squeeze yourself in the two-seater and curl like a kitten, then you think every muscle in you aches.

Too lazy to go out for dinner, or make dinner, for that matter. Tried to order sushi dinner but they said it will take 1 hour 45 minutes to arrive. @_@ Weekends are brutal!!! Everywhere’s flooded with people and even delivery takes forever. Eventually settled for our good old CPK, paired with Leatherheads. Thought it’s terribly boring at the beginning but it slowly got better. Not too bad a film to be watched with pizza and pasta. :) BTW, sometimes I feel really frustrated watching some American stuff - couldn't understand a thing without reading the subtitles! Leatherheads is one of them...and Mad Men...basically you can't watch this kind of stuff when ironing clothes / doing your nails.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Sorry for the hiatus...let the fun begin! The Mentalist, Modern Family, Cougar Town

Now that I finally have some free time, I'm watching TV drama like crazy. Some of the stuff I've been watching:

This is good. I watched seasons 1-2 in one go and I couldn't stop! I didn't know before that I like this kind of police procedural drama... this is not as 'scary' as Medium (which I also love watching but haven't been following as closely, just watching on telly every Thursday) but I really dread the episodes with the appearance of Red John...

This is light-hearted stuff and god, is it good! Kinda stereotyping people at times but hey, this world is full of stereotypes, and it does reflect the modern family in some ways. Good in general.

Now this is really kind of stupid. I have no idea why I watched it as it's as cheesy and as stupid as soaps can be, but hey, I laughed out it's not that bad after all. :)

Any recommendations on what to watch next?
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