Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Quotes from 'Everything that rises must converge'

I don't read a lot of American writing, but this story caught my attention as I remember it to be the title story of the volume which appeared in Flashforward.

I don't care much for Flashforward, but there must be some kind of meaning why the book's used there. Anyway, the story itself  is quite meaningful, and I read it as a kind of reminder to all intellectuals about their own sense of superiority and their false beliefs, which are no different from the bigoted views of people who they consider intellectually inferior.

Some quotes:

They should rise, but on their own side of the fence.


'True culture is in the mind, the mind,' he said, and tapping his head, 'the mind.'

'It's in the heart,' she said, 'and in how you do things and how you do things is beacuse of who you are.'

'Nobody in the damn bus cares who you are.'

'I care who I am,' she said icily.


  1. My first reaction: That's Jacob from LOST! Too bad Flashforward was cancelled -- I was enjoying it, not too much, but still. Oh well.

  2. was it cancelled? it's still on here, but i don't watch it much. after a few episodes i still can't understand what's going on! :P


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