Friday, 16 April 2010

Random photos taken on the recent Fujian trip

I know the word 'random' is shamefully over-used and everybody is saying everything is random. Anyway, I don't care since 'random' is really the word for me here.

My photo-taking pattern varies from trip to trip, and the number of photos taken also reflects that. When I'm travelling alone, like I did a couple of years ago on different trips in Europe, I take photos of whatever that interests me, plus all those cheesy shots of sights, and me with sights, or my toys with sights. (I remember once I brought a stuffed toy to Macau and took loads of photos for it) That means I take heaps of photos and I snap furiously, when I'm travelling alone.

When I'm travelling with S and he's got his 'more' professional camera, I take a considerable amount less. ('More' in quotation marks as it only applies when compared to mine) I'm a lazy bone when someone's doing the snapping job, and I can happily wander around without worrying about not capturing something. This is a flawed thought, of course, since my idea of important and his can be totally different, which is the case most of the time. I was telling my parents some days ago how my aesthetic sense is way better than his, though his camera's better than mine. LOL!

Okay, enough of this crap. Here are some of the random shots I took on the Fujian trip, which are really hard to categorise and I see no point in including them in previous posts:

Empty seats in a surprisingly empty arrival hall. Turned out the food's quite expensive there, which explains!

China's never short of this kind of 'slogan' and they never fail to impress me! Don't you think they're hilarious?

I meant to show this photo to my students...for some reason, rules in the English language are nonexistent to Chinese people!

Does this surprise you? Chinese people are not known for good hygiene. Needless to say, there were heaps of flies in this resto.

Another great slogan. I didn't know they still exist in the modern world; apparently they're still everywhere.

I don't actually have anything to say about this photo. Sometimes I'm ambivalent to how artists exploit these images in their commercial work, but without them these images are not as cute as they are to us now.

Trying to play artist here. What I did was blowing hot air to the lens!

It's very important for us to remember where we're from." I especially took this photo for my dad as this is something he always says about people.

A lot of "Lau"s contributing :P


Slogan again. Maybe I should compile them and create a blog just for them! (Guess someone's doing it already...)

This blue is different from yours, don't you think?

Beauty never fails.

Skillful? (I'm not blushing!)

Ni hao! Want some noodles?

If you've seen that film there's no need for any explanation


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