Monday, 5 April 2010

Making dinner

I'm pretty good in picking up cooking. Well, at least that's what I think. I rather enjoy the process of thinking about what to make, grocery shopping in markets / supermarkets (a lot of times the menu changes when I'm shopping, especially when I'm in a market with lots of choices), cleaning the veggies, cutting them, cooking...and eating. :) Things don't always work out and we've had quite a few times of despicable food (S's always very lenient and encouraging), but the interest hasn't faded yet. :) It's got me thinking I may actually make a good housewife, as I like cooking and I don't hate quite a number of chores (please don't ask me what chores I don't like, the list is still a bit long).

Yesterday we cooked a meal for our parents. I invited my parents on a whim when I ate at home one night, and my mum's face glowed when I asked. I'm pretty sure she didn't really anticipate my cooking, or thought she's going to have some gourmet food. :P My dad was equally happy when I brought it up later, and so it's fixed - we would have an 'Easter meal' at my place on Saturday.

Basically my schedule for Saturday was: get up, make lunch, eat lunch, prepare for dinner (last-minute shopping, lots of washing and cutting...), cook dinner, eat dinner. After the parents were gone, S said, 'It took us 9 hours to have this meal.'

Nine hours. Wow. I didn't realise that, but I do know we actually started the prep work the day before - I went to buy a chicken and had it marinated. It's a surprisingly horrible process, as it's the first time we bought a whole chicken and it's still got its head, giblets and feet. @_@ Well, I don't want to mention how nerve-wrecking it was getting it 'done', as it still makes me sick. Go to my facebook album 'Horror film' if you're interested.

Still, I think it's rather fun cooking. Sometimes I have no idea how things would end up when I'm following recipes (or rather, not following most of the time!), so there's always a nice surprise. And I like these surprises.


  1. " [...] so far I’m pretty good in picking up cooking." -- good for you :)

  2. I love this post :)
    I enjoy cooking too!


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