Monday, 5 April 2010

3 Idiots

I hadn't seen a very good film for a long time (A Single Man is only pretty good), and yesterday 3 Idiots made my day.

It's soooooo hilarious I laughed my head off! Not joking. But it's not a no-brainer, as a lot of the funny stuff in there is actually meaningful, and there are lots of moving episodes too. The friendship between the 3 'idiots' is so great it is enough to drive them to do the craziest of things. In life, are there such friendships?

I like how Rancho talks about his belief that the heart is scared all the time and we need to fool it when there are difficulties or uncertainties. He constantly rubs his chest and says 'All is well' whenever a problem pops up.

'Indeed,' I thought then.

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