Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I'm so glad the Easter holidays have finally kicked off! It's probably the 100th time I say this: work has been crazy, and I really need a break. It's so good to know that I don't have to go to work for the coming 10 days! YAYYYYY!!!

My Easter holidays are packed. I still have some rubbish homework to finish (2 TP visits to prepare for and 2 essays to write...duh), lots of crappy work to mark (I want to talk less of this), and a trip to look forward to. We're going to visit some tulou in Fujian! It will be our first China trip since Beijing (if you don't count SZ and GZ...), and I hope it will be good. Originally we were planning to go to Russia, but it's a bit too rushed to visit a few cities within 10 days. What a blessing it is, now that we know about the terrorist attacks there! Then we thought about Chiangmai, but it didn't work out either. A short China trip seems easier to plan, and less prep work (read: reading) needed - well at least that's what I think. I'll be doing my reading on the one-hour plane journey! Since we may be away from Asia for quite some time soon, we thought it better to visit more Asian places when we still can. We'll be going to Taiwan (again) in July, for my best friend's wedding, then Japan in August. There are still so many Asian countries I want to visit, but there's too little time...

Have a relaxing Easter break (if you do have one)!


  1. Have a lovely time in Fujian! And tell us more when you're back!

  2. Make one of your next destinations Singapore! As it's at the centre of southeast Asia, you can plan short trips around it, Kl, malacca, Genting are a few hours away((coach); Bangkok and Phuket are 2 hours away by plane!

  3. Kristy, everyone can tell u're hardselling SG. :P True that it's close to many interesting places, and the last time I was there (with YOU!!!) I didn't see enough! But I prolly won't have time for SG these few months...no holidays before summer!

  4. Yea, we didn't really go around the city. Only went shopping at Orchard Road... Sooo not enough


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